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I saw Snow White and the Huntsman
Avatar the Last Airbender
I liked it! It was a beautiful film. I want to congratulate Rupert on his first film. I don't know why people are comparing it to Princess Mononoke when the white deer is a Celtic myth and not something the anime cooked up on it's own. Well, the anime movie was unique with the face and everything but what I'm trying to say is the deer is not a Princess Mononoke thing.

I also liked Kristen as Snow White. Snow White is a fearful character and Kristen played that well. I don't think the character was really developed but I still like it. I heard that if Rupert makes a sequel he's planning on breaking Snow White down and building her back up. That would be good to see. Snow White might become a little crazy and Kristen will have more to work with.
 I know a lot of twelve year old people hate Kristen just on the sake to hate Kristen but I like her. i guess I would have to thank the people that hate her. They are the reason why I like Kristen. I guess it's personal. I can relate to Kristen. I am that awkward girl that stutters and don't talk to anyone. I guess when I see all these people bringing Kristen down because of her awkwardness I feel like it's me.  I was never good in school at anything and even in the things I really wanted to do like drawing people told me I sucked and should give up. It took a lot for me to get good grades and be good at what i am now. That's a lot like Kristen and her acting career. People keep saying she should die because she's not the best actress yet she keeps making acting in movies and improving in them anyway. That's why I like Kristen she hasn't given up despite being bashed at my millions. So thank you Kristen haters, you made me like Kristen.

Snow White and Eric didn't have that many scenes or lines together. For a movie about them their relationship didn't really develop that much. Really the only character that was developed was the queen. I know Snow White was suppose to be "The One" but she didn't do much till the end. Rupert came up with a lot of cool stuff for the queen but not anything for Snow White. I think he should have gave her some superpowers too. Maybe she could make it snow? I dunno, but something other than animals liking her would have been nice. Everyone just followed her without her having to prove herself.  It was kind of like Emma from Once Upon a Time She's suppose to be "The One" to break the spell and everything but she never proved anything either. All Emma did was dumb stuff that got her in trouble like giving the egg to Mr. Gold when she knew he was a villain. She also went into a stranger's house and got kidnapped by the Mad Hatter. This wouldn't be too stressful if it wasn't the last episodes and if she she wasn't, you know...A FREAKIN' COP! Geeze, how dumb can you be? I would not feel safe in that town if Ms. Dummy was the police chief.

But I'm going off subject. You know what Kristen and Charlize has the most chemistry off set, yet they are only in the movie together for five minutes. There should have been a lot more of Snow and Queen together in that movie. 
Oh, there was a poem that the mirror says in the audio trailer. it's also a piece of it in SWATH kingdom: In the Snow where Kristen is laying on the ground. That could have been a great intro to the movie!

Rupert could have use the scene and add a little more visual stuff with the full poem and cut to the title and continue the movie. Like when he says "is you're heart made of glass" they could have shown the broken mirror with the queen's reflection. "Or a pure Snow White" they could have cut back to Kristen opening her eyes. Man, I should have been one of the writers for this movie.  I sure hope there's a director's cut of SWATH.


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