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The Evening Star is Shining Bright...
Brandy  Monica
Title: Princess & the Frog rewrite
Rated: R, for language
Disclaimer: Walt Disney
Summary: I think the title says it all. Disney’s Princess and the Frog but rewritten. Think of it as the “black version”. This is the story if Tiana wasn’t turned into a frog and the prince was of African heritage.
Author’s note: I just never thought the movie was all that good. It kind of disappointed me in some areas so I’m rewriting it. I think giving Tiana an older brother would be pretty cool. You know, to show her family more. I hate it how most of these Disney princesses are only child. Inserted Boondocks reference. You’ll know it when you see it.


♪ The evening star is shining bright,

So make a wish and hold on tight,

There's magic in the air tonight,

And anything can happen… ♪

In the New Orleans, French Quarters there was a huge mansion owned by the La Bouff family. That night the mistress was visited by her Negro seamstress, Eudora. 
“Oh, Eudora it’s beautiful, honey!” A blonde woman spun around with her skirt twirling around her leg. Her name was Maryanne La Bouff. The dress fixed perfectly around her tiny little waist. Maryanne was a woman of fashion and always liked to dress in style, but she also loved to wear clothes that her friends didn’t own and shove it in their face. That was why she loved good old Eudora so much.
The black woman just smiled.
“You really out done yourself this time! You’re the best colored folk have to offer!”

“You’re my best customer Mrs. La Bouff.” Eudora said.

Maryanne just admitted her dress more in the mirror.
In the other room covered in pink a middle age black woman read to three children. Two of them were Eudora’s children. She very often brought her children with her when she went to customer’s house to deliver or either sewed a dress for a client. She was the best seamstress in New Orleans. Her husband, James worked late so she couldn’t leave her children’s home.
“Just at that moment, the ugly little frog looked up with his sad, round eyes and pleaded: Oh, please, dear princess, Only a kiss from you can break this terrible spell that was inflicted on me by a wicked witch.”
The little boy let out a long yawned. The girls scowled at him.
He blinked noticing everyone was looking at him. “Oh, my fault. Proceed.”
“And the beautiful princess was so moved by his desperate plea that she stooped down, picked up the slippery creature, leaned forward, raised him to her lips, and kissed that little frog.”
“Ewwww! Tiana screeched. “Ew, ew!”
Dwayne rolled his eyes.
The nanny continued reading anyway. “Then the frog was transformed into a handsome prince. They were married and lived happily ever after, the end.”
“Yay!” Charlotte applauded.
“Yes, yay,” Dwayne said unenthusiastically.
The nanny got up from the rocking chair.
“You kids behavior. I’ll be back in a second.” She said as she grabbed the laundry basket before leaving the room.
“I don’t think I could kiss a frog.” Tiana said playing with the hem of her green dress.
The little blond girl jumped up, her big pink gown twirling as she did so. “I’d do it! I’d kiss a hundred of frogs if I could marry a prince and be a princess.” She said dreamily squeezing her white kitty. The cat then got away from her and ran for its life.
Dwayne just sighed.
“What’s eating you?” Tiana asked.
“What’s eating me is that I have to sit here and listen to the same story I heard ten times already when I could have been at home playing cars with Chris!”
“You can’t play with Chris. It’s dark outside and you know mama always says to come in before dark.” Tiana innocently pointed out.
“Shut up. Nobody asked you, Tiana.”
“You shut up!” She shot back.
Charlotte just blew a string of hair out her face.
“Whatever. Forget him.” Little Charlotte said pulling Tiana up and guided her to the other side of the room.
“Look my daddy bought me a golden carriage.” Charlotte said showing her the white toy carriage decorated in gold and diamonds.
“This is berries!” Tiana said in awed. “Like Cinderella?”
“Yup.” Charlotte proudly said. “Annnd he bought me all these dolls!” She pointed at the shelf filled with princess dolls in fancier dresses than Tiana owned herself.
Tiana’s mouth dropped at the sight of the dolls.
“All of these toys are yours?” she gasped.
“Yupe.”  She answered pompously.
Charlotte cocked her head to the side and asked innocently, “Don’t you have any dolls?” 
Tiana shook her head not looking away from the shelf. “Not this many!” Tiana had about three dolls total. She never seen this many toys before.
“Why not?” She asked curiously.
“Cause daddy said we can’t afford it.”

The blonde girl made a face. “What does that mean?” Charlotte has never heard the line s before can’t afford. Her family was able to buy anything and everything! Didn’t everyone live like this?  
“I dunno.” Tiana responded. She heard her daddy say it a lot but she never understood what it meant. 
“Well, why can’t ya’ll?” The girl in pink asked.
“Cause we colored and she’s white,” Dwayne’s voice said from the background.
Charlotte and Tiana blinked. Tiana gave Charlotte a look. The blond just shrugged. Tiana turns around wanting to know more.
“What does that mean?” she asked her big brother who was laying on his back fiddling with a toy soldier.
He gave them both a serious look. He rolled over to his stomach and got on his knees.
“Ya’ll really wannna know?”
The two girls nodded intensely.
The girls got on their knees too and crawled closer to him ready to hear the big secret.
“Well, when I was wit pa the oth’ah day, I heard these guys talkin’ and—“
“Me and Big Daddy is goin’ to Barcelona Tapas and dancing tonight,” Mrs. La Bouff interrupted as she and Eudora walked in.
“Hi Honey. I see you taken a liked to your new dress?” Mrs. La Bouff asked.
“Well, we’re just about finish here. Get ready to go.” Eudora said to her son and daughter.
“Finally!” Dwayne shot up relived he would soon be out of this place and back home, the conversation forgotten. He quickly grabbed his coat.
Eudora helped Tina with her coat.
“Aw,” Tiana groaned. She liked it here. It was a nice house and Charlotte had so much stuff to play with.
A man with a big belly and red hair walked in. “Evening everyone.”
“Elis.” The blonde woman greeted with a kiss.
They’re little girl than jumped up for his attention. “Daddy. Daddy look at my new dress isn’t it pretty?”
He picked Charlotte up.
“Well I expect nothing else from the finest seamstress in New Orleans.”
“Oh stop.” Eudora laughed waving her hand.
“Yes, Big Daddy, please stop.” Mrs. La Bouff said in a serious tone.
There was a tension in the air.
“Well, here is you’re week’s pay.” Mr. La Bouff said uncomfortably as he reached for his wallet and pulled out the amount for the new wardrobe.
“Thank you.”
“No Thank you. You got my Maryanne looking pretty than a daisy in May.”
Mrs. La Bouff smiled.
Charlotte than looked at the dress the princess was wearing in the story book.
“Daddy, daddy I want that one!” She pointed.
“Huh? Now sugerpoo-“ He started in a firm voice.
“I want that one! Please, please, please.” She begged pulling on his mustache. 
“Ough! Um, Eudora you think you can whip something up like that?”
“Anything for my best costumer,” Eudora said.
“Yey!” Charlotte shouted.
Mrs. La Bouff turned to the nanny. “Hey, Maddy could you put little Charlotte to bed before we leave. It’s way passed her beauty sleep.”
“Yes, Ma'am.” The dark skinned nanny said. 

“Well, I’m finish here. Time to go guys.” Eudora said to her children.
“Bye.” Tiana waved.
Charlotte hugged Tiana. She happily hugged her back. 
“Bye Tia.” They pulled away. “Come back to play soon. We could have a tea party.”
“Defiantly not coming here for that.” Dwayne said.
“And then we could play castle Dwayne could be the knight in shining armor and save me!” 
Dwayne shuttered. “Defiantly. Defiantly not coming back next time.”
“His head is too big to be a knight anyway.” Tiana said.
“Hey!” Dwayne cried as he walked towards the door.
“Tiana we have to go.” Eudora urged. Dwayne and Eudora were already by the door.
“K’ay! See ya Lottie!”
As they walked down the hallway Tiana heard Mr. La Bouff say, “Now princess, you’re gettin' that dress but that’s it. No more Mr. Pushover.” He scowled. There was a bit of silence for a moment until…
“Now who wants a puppy?” The sound of a dog yipping could be heard.“I do! I do! He’s so cute!” Charlotte said.

The last think Tiana heard was Mrs. La Bouff saying in a sigh, “Oh, big daddy you spoil her so…” 

The LaBelle family took the streetcar. Tiana hopped onto the tram. Eudora let them go find their seat while dug in her purse for some tram money.

“I call that one! The window seat!” She pointed.

“Ugh-uh!” Dwayne ran passed her and pushed her down as he passed.

“Hey!” She pouted.

He hopped onto the seat, putting his legs up. “Ha-ha now I’m first!”

“Dwayne you’re so mean!” she stomped her foot, angered. She squeezed into the seat. “Move.”

Dwayne pushes her back. “Scram. Go sit over there with the old lady.”

“I don’t wanna sit with the old lady!” Tiana screamed, shoving him.

The two fought over the seat until a shadow appeared over them.

A throat cleared. “Hey shouldn’t you two be sitting in the back?” a husky voice said. The two looked up at the elderly white man with mustache. A newspaper was rolled up beneath his arm.


“You’re in my seat.” He said. He was kind of scary Tiana grabbed on to her brother arm. He looked at her than back at the old man.

“Sorry, man we were here first.” Dwayne said confidently.

The old man raised an eye brow. “Is that so? How old are you son?”

“Ten,” He answered, not blinking an eye.

“That’s an age where you should know that you colored folks should know y’all’s place. Am I right?”

Dwayne scrunched up his face. “What?”

“I asked you a question.” The man said.


“What country is you from?” The old man asked.

The boy blinked. “What?”

“I never heard of that country before. Do they speak English in what?”


The man went pass Tiana into Dwayne’s face. “You starting to really tick me off. Nigger, say what again. Say what again!”

Dwayne started to get scared. Tiana started to cry. “Mommy!” she cried.

Ms. LaBelle hurried towards her children.

“Oh I’m so sorry sir.” She said as she grabbed Tiana by the wrist and pulled her up, Dwayne standing behind her.

“No Dwayne, Tiana come. Let’s sit over there.”

The two looked at each other than walked to the back of the bus. Dwayne looked right in the eye of the white man. His eyes seemed so cold that it left a shiver up his spine.

The old man turned to their mother furiously. “Teach your kids about how things work around here or you might not have any no more.” He said before taking the seat the kids previously sat.

She apologized one last time before joining her children at the back seat. The bus then took off.

“Dwayne you should know better.” Eudora scowled. “I told you we’re supposed to sit in the back.”

“Why?” Dwayne asked. His fist clutched. He was just as angry about the situation as she was. He wanted to hear her say it. He wanted to hear it from her.

“Wha… I don’t have to answer to you Dwayne just do what I say and sit in the back for now on!” She responded. She fixed her collar of her coat. “Jesus.”



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