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Abenaza Maldonia, Hola San Rosario!
Brandy  Monica

Title: Princess & the Frog rewrite

Chapter: 1 Prince of San Rosario

Rated: M, for language

Disclaimer: Walt Disney

Author: B.Jam

Summary: Disney’s Princess and the Frog but rewritten. Think of it as the black version. This is the story if Tiana wasn’t turned into a frog and the prince was black.

Author’s note: Okay, so the new prince of this story is nothing like Naveen. This is because I’m trying to make the character deeper and be more like the original character in The Frog Prince. When I watched Princess & the Frog I noticed that Naveen had really the princess personality while Tiana had somewhat of the frog prince personality.  I don’t about you, but I’m tired of the same prefect princess with a lazy jerky man. Girls can be selfish too and that’s the kind of person the princess was in the original story. Also try to guess what country my prince is from by just reading the first four paragraphs.

(Part 2)

Chapter 1: Prince of San Rosario

Years later in a far away kingdom, San Rosario, there lived a royal family. It was a powerful empire. There once was a time where San Rosario was conquered, but the people fought and earned back their freedom and monarchy years ago. Around the empire the other native towns on the island were just gaining their independence and becoming a communist.

That night in San Rosario, the streets were full Zambo, White-Latino, Mulatto, Afro-Latino, Asian, and Indigenous people dancing. Right now there was a festival going on. Everyone was cerebrating. It was carnival. The parade just started at seven. All the streets were blocked for fun and dancing. The kingdom had been celebrating since twelve in the morning. Now it was ten at night.  Everyone loved carnival. They loved dressing up, putting on mask, drinking, and riding on floats. They were actually celebrating the anniversary of the birth of the Prince Alonso. He just turned twenty.

He was sitting on top of the biggest float looking down on his people with excitement. They all cheered. He had female servants serving him wine and fruit at his side. He took a glass and took a long drink before tossing the glass aside, getting up and leaping off the float. The people cheered more. Among the crowd he danced.

Some women were dressed in colorful bikinis with decorative headdresses. Others women danced in rumba dresses. The men either wore speedos, shorts, or breechcloths. There was a lot of hip swaying and grinding going on.  There was fast beat of Danzón music playing.

Three drummers were beating into the Guaguancó rhythm with a singer in the background. Alonso danced through the crowd saying “hi” to people on the way until he spotted his friend.  

Fabián was doing the flirtatious dance, the rumba, with a girl. Fabián was wearing a guayabera shirt and shorts.  He circles around her as they danced. Fabián was a mulatto. His skin was a nice yellow color. He had a small mustache and wore glasses.

“Hey Fabián!” Alonso waved heading towards him.

Fabian looked up and noticed the prince. “Mantenga un segundo bebé.”

“Ay man nice party.” He raised his hand up as he approached him and the two slammed hands. “Happy birthday.”

“Thanks man.”

“No, thank you!” Fabián insisted excitedly. “Listen, thank you so much. Do you know how many fine honeys come here during carnival?”

“I see. What’s her name?” The prince nodded his chin to the side, indicating the woman he left waiting dancing by herself.

He blinked.


“Why aren’t I surprise?” Alonso laughed, shaking his head. You couldn’t count on Fabián to remember a girl’s name to save his life.

“N’all, I’m just playin’ with you. It’s Carmen,” he said proudly then paused thinking.  “Or was it Carmencita? Selena… Oh, fuck it!” He waved off. “The point is the honey’s fine!”

“Right.” He nodded crossing his arms. The two laughed.

“Now get the hell out of here!” Fabian shoved him. “All you’re going to do is take away my attention. I’m trying to get busy tonight.”

“Ay, don’t let me stop you.” Alonso raised his hands up. “Do yo thang player.”

‘You know it.”

Alonso let out another laugh as he turned away. He started doing a little head bopping in the crowd. He closed his eyes and did a little spin. A servant was holding a tray of wine Alonso reached for one and took a sip. He started backed away. Not looking where he was going, he then bumped into someone. He dropped his glass.

“Ohh, sorry.”

 “My bad…” Alonso started—

His eyes then feel upon an Asian-Cuban girl with mid-back brown hair.

His mouth hang opened.

“I-I um…”

She was a looker.

She smiled. “Hola. I’m Franica.”

“I-I-I…” He stammered.

She let out a little laugh.

He bit his bottom lip.

Girls made him stupid, especially pretty girls, plush this one had a really nice body.

She cleared her throat.

 “Excuse me.” He finally breathed out.

She let out a giggle. “Its fine, your highness.”

 “H-ha, ha, ha.” He nervously laughs. When Alonso looked back Fabian was dancing with now three women at once. Lucky bastard. He always was a playboy.  He turned back around at Francia. Still there were butterflies in his stomach.


“You’re highness, the prince.” She finished. She didn’t need an introduction.

“Yeah, well I’m also Alonso too,” he informed.

“Alonso,” she repeated.

“Yeah.” He nodded. “It’s alright for you to call me that.”

She ran her hand through her hair. She looked around before asking, “Say, Alonso you wanna dance?”

He was just staring at her until he snapped out of it. “…I’m sorry, what?”

“Dance,” she repeated, with a smile. “Do you want to?”

He blinked. “T-Together?”

“Well usually when someone asks to dance they mean with the other person.” She said with a smirk.

“Right,” He laughed out uncomfortable, feeling stupid.  He could act so stupid in front of girls. 

“Sooo…” she started, looking up at him, a dash of blush on her cheek.

“Oh!” He said finally realizing he didn’t give her an answer. “Um, yeah sure.”

They started to salsa dance together. Alonso had always been a great dancer. The dance was fast and very active requiring a lot of hip movement and foot work. He spun her around. A crowed started to form around them. He was having fun. He loved dancing and she was

She missed a step when coming forward. He caught her and she feel into him. They laughed.

They were face to face now. He brushed her hair back, out of her face.

“Sorry.” She said right into his lips. “I’m a bit clumsy—“

Alonso lifted her chin a bit and kissed her as the fire cracks went off.  It was a wondrous sight but nothing could compare to fireworks that went off in his chest as the two press their lips against one another’s.


The next day Alonso was in bed snoring up a storm. He was back at home in the Mesoamerican pyramid. It was decorated with polished green marble and transparent linen curtains. His room was of alabaster stone.

“Alonso, Alonso.” A voice called out.

The young prince groaned as he slowly started to wake up. His eyes fluttered open to the sight of an old male servant.

“Ahhh!” He screamed taken back, clutching his pillow.

The servant cleaned his throat. “Prince Alonso your mother wishes to speak with you,” he informed flatly.

 A woman in a long white silk gown and aqua bustier and a matching headdress walked into the room. Her jewelry was made up of gold, jade and topaz. Her name was Empress Chelo, the emperor’s Zambo wife. Her head was held high as always.  She was a much respected woman. She wore wisdom and elegance on her shoulders. She had wide golden brown eyes, a flat nose full lips, and curly long dark hair. She was known as the beauty of Sao Rosario Mantañosa and also its wisdom. Is she wasn’t human she would be mistaken for a goddess.

“Mother! I didn’t expect to see you till breakfast.” Alonso said nervously as he fumbled out of the bed fitting his maxtlatl, trying to make himself presentable.

“It’s noon Alonso,” she stated.

“Oh…” He sucked in. “Geeze, mama I’m so—”

She raises her hand up in silence. He was quiet.

“It’s alright you and your friends have had quit an evening last night.”

He blushes a little, remembering the girl and the little make out session. He starched the back of his neck. “Yeah.”

 “I hope you enjoy the party.’ His mother said.  “You’re father spend a lot to make sure it was to your liking.”

“It was.” He grinned.

“You should thank him.”

Alonso nodded.

The empress went thru his things on a table—an empress right, of course—and stumbled upon a record. She read it. “Ella Fitzgerald?”

“She’s the queen.” Alonso informed.

Chelo glared at him and said seriously, “Darling, we all know that I rival the wrath of any queen.”

“I meant the queen of jazz.”

“Whatever, darling.” She set the record back down. “Now put those things away and the construction area. You’re brother is waiting for you there.”

He bowed before she left. He put on a more respectable maxtlatl and golden bangles and a golden pendant that hung on his chest.


At the construction site for a new temple construction workers were building. Using water, sand, and straw they built an empire all under the guidance of the monarchy. The loud sounds of the heavy machinery of bulldozers, cranes, and excavators filled the area.

The sixteen year old prince is talking to a few of the other workers at the desk looking over the plans. He was proclaimed regent by the emperor two years ago. That title seemed like it should have gone to the eldest son but the emperor felt that Carmelo deserved it. And to Alonso’s shame he was appointed royal chief his brother. Alonso appreciated it but Carmelo was the youngest. Alonso should have been the one appointing his brother not the other way around. Alonso was always good at making plans but still…

“I’m sure we will get everything done in just two more months at this speed. When my brother, Alonso comes here his plans we can discuss what will be done with the entre. We will make it the grandest temple of all of Cuba—”

He then spotted Alonso.  He smiles and walks up to him.

“Ay, brother, glade to see you are up.”


“I wanted to discuss our plans for the new temple. Do you have the plans for the--”

“Right here.” Alonso extended the rolled up paper in his hand.

“Ah.” He took it and opened it. He nodded his head. “Hmmm. Yeah this could work. I really like you’re idea of the statue being right here at the gateway.”

“I was thinking it could be made of limestone.”

“Kudos for making it of dad. You know how to stay on his good side.”

“If only.” He said under nether his breath looking at their plans. Huh, Carmelo was planning on adding a fountain...

Carmelo let out a sigh and elbowed him in his shoulder. “Vamos Homre. You ain’t still bitchin’ over the regent thing, are you?”

Alonso mouth was stood straight. He shook his head. “No…No. Nada.” He sighed. He gave him a smile and said softly, “Let’s just get this temple done, huh?”

Carmelo grinned. “Right.”

They started going over the plans.

Rather Alonso admitted it or not they did make a prefect good team. Together Alonso and Carmelo had constructed a new garden, amphitheatre, and now another temple. They have been working on it since last year.


Everyone turned to the sight of a man running with a bag in his hand from the guards. He was heading towards the temple. He was almost there when a guard tackled him to the ground. The coins and fruit scattered on the ground. A guava rolled near Alonso feet. He looked at the man.

Carmelo shook his head. “Filthy peasant,” He said in disgust. “Good they caught him in time.”

“You are to be a slave for now on.” The guard said tying a rope around his boney wrist tightly.

“Ouch!” the man cried.

“That man!” Alonso said.

“A thief.” Carmelo corrected. “Let the guards handle it.” Carmelo turned back to the plans.

“Now there should be a huge body of water near the temple. I got the idea when I noticed how close we built this thing near the river…”

Alonso bit his lip he hesitantly turned back to the plans too.

 “No. Please wait! My family. They need me.”

“Papa!”a little boy cried.

Carmelo was still talking about the temple. Alonso couldn’t focus. There was too much going on behind him. He turned around and watches as the guards started to pull the man away with the child being hold down by his sobbing mother. Someone had to stop this, Alonso thought.

“Hey are you even listening?” Carmelo cried. He pulled Alonso’s chin and made him look “C’mon man pay attention.”

“Sorry.” The older prince apologized. Carmelo started talking again. Alonso tried to listen but the child screaming in the background and the mother’s sobbing was too much.

 “Someone should stop this.” Alonso suddenly said, interrupting his brother.

Carmelo raised an eyebrow. “Huh? Bro, relax, they’re only slaves.”

Alonso glared at him. He turned around making a first. Determinately he marched over to them.

“Hey… Hey you. I command you to stop!’” He called out. The construction workers paused and watch the scene.

The guards then paused and noticed that they were in the royal presence.

“Sire?” They bowed taking the thief down with them, digging his face into the dirt. It kind of ticked Alonso off.  “This man has been caught stealing from your people; coins from their wallets and food from their shops. He’s a clever pickpocket. It’s like your father’s law. Anyone seen committing a crime shall be punished by slavery.”

Now standing right above them Alonso said in a stern voice, “My father’s law is none of your concern. I demand you let him go, now.”

 Carmelo came up from behind him, grabbed his shoulder and turned his around. “Alonso, stop this. Don’t worry about him. He can pay back his freedom.”

“In how long, brother? “ He snapped brushing his brother’s hand away. “When his children are only filled with dust and breathing their last breathe? They are starving today not in two years.”

“He commits a crime! That’s against us and the emperor!” Carmelo reminded.

Alonso glared at him. He shoved his little brother away and storm towards the guards. He pulled out one of their daggers and raised it.

He looked at the crowd of people who had formed. “This is a free man!”

He took the old man’s arms and then he cut the ropes.

The man hesitant looked at him confused and scared.

“It’s alright. Go! Hurry!”

The man said his thanks and ran. No guard chased him. It was against the law. They just named him a slave. Only the son of the emperor was allowed to chase a slave on temple grounds.

Carmelo grabbed Alonso by the shoulders.

“What the hell are you doing?” Carmelo shouted in disbelief. “Alonso, catch him!” He pointed.


Carmelo glared at him.  “Then I will.” He shoved passed him. He had no intention to run. No instead he grabbed a bow and arrow from a guard and readying it, aiming right for the man’s leg.

Alonso looked in horror. Thinking quickly he went over to the pig pin and smacked one of the pigs on the back making them start a stampede.  They ran and tripped over Carmelo into the mud. Carmelo struggled to get up.  When he finally was able to stand the man was far gone. There was no point in even firing an arrow. He was way out of distance. The works then chattered amongst themselves.

“Who did that?”

“The Prince?”

“Alonso, let the thief go.”

“Why would he go against his father’s law?”

Carmelo turned back covered in mud, feeling humiliated and angry. No one dare laugh at the prince. They just stared and that just made him more heated.

“What are you all looking at? Get back to work!” He ordered. Everyone scatted about starting to work again.

He stormed towards his older brother.

“Alonso.” He started.

 “Carmelo, I’m sorry. I just—”

 “—We shall see what father will say about this.” He grunted. He left to go clean himself up.

Alonso lowered his head. Fuck.



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