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P&TF rewrite Chapter 1: Prince of San Rosario Part 2
Brandy  Monica

Rated: M, for language

Disclaimer: Walt Disney

Author: B.Jam

Summary: Disney’s Princess and the Frog but rewritten. Think of it as the black version. This is the story if Tiana wasn’t turned into a frog and the prince was black.

Author’s note: Okay, so the new prince of this story is nothing like Naveen. This is because I’m trying to make the character deeper and be more like the original character in The Frog Prince. When I watched Princess & the Frog I noticed that Naveen had really the princess personality while Tiana had somewhat of the frog prince personality.  I don’t about you, but I’m tired of the same prefect princess with a lazy jerky man. Girls can be selfish too and that’s the kind of person the princess was in the original story. Also try to guess what country my prince is from by just reading the first four paragraphs.

Chapter 1: Prince of San Rosario 
Part 2

Alonso was now standing in the private throne room standing in front of one of the most powerful men in the world, his father. His mother stood in the corner.

“Do you know what other nobles and monarchs tell me Alonso?” Emperor Alejandro asked sternly.

Before Alonso could answer the emperor answered for him. “Your son Alonso is a disappointment. He does not have the backbone to rule an empire. It should go to your youngest son. And you know what? I’m starting to consider it.”

Alonso stepped forward a little. “My Lord, emperor. Let me explain--”

“Silence! Your emperor speaks.” He ordered. His voiced boomed through the large room.

Alonso was quiet.

“When I pass on, you will take my place. How can I trust that the kingdom I worked so hard to built won’t go to the ground when you are rewarding thieves and abusing guards? As I heard you made a fool of your bother today.”

 “But father that man was old and weak!” Alonso explained. “Carmelo was going to shoot him with an arrow!”

“He was a thief. Stealing from another man is like stealing from me. And letting that thief go was an insult to me and my rules.”

Alonso frowned. “I-I’m sorry. I did not mean to—”

“Yes, you don’t mean a lot of things. You didn’t mean to disobey my rules, didn’t mean to insult me, didn’t mean to ruin traditions, didn’t mean to question my judgment of you leadership--”

“Well, maybe I never asked for it!” he snapped.

Chelo gasped. “Alonso!”

There was silence.

The emperor looked down on him. “Leave us, Chelo.”

The empress bowed then left the room.

Alonso lowered his head.

The emperor sighed.

The emperor stood. He was wearing a breechcloth, a feathered headdress, jewelry, and cloak. He wore a golden pendent that hung on his chest.

He walked over to his son.

“Son, come here.” He took the young man outside. He pointed at the flag.

“Look. What do you see?”

“A flag—I mean, our flag, sire.”

“When was it adopted?”

“1902. Four years before I was born.”

“And what does it stand for?”

“Umm, well the stripes, the stripes represent the three parts that our country was divided during the independence wars, central, occidental, and oriental areas of the country.” He pointed.


“And the white stripes symbolize the purity patriotic cause. The red triangle stands for the blood of our nation. And the star…the star symbolizes the sky turning red from the bloodshed of our forefathers in battle.”

“Correct. Your forefathers have done much for you. You only can repay them by taking my place as emperor and ruling this empire to greatness. A wife is needed for heirs if you shall die soon. It’s a tradition. It’s the reason why you were born.”


“You are a prince of Cuba. You don’t have to lower yourself to commoners.” He said firmly.

“Papa, that man didn’t deserve to be a slave,” Alonso said softly.

He put a hand on Alonso’s shoulder affectionately.

 “Alonso, you have your mother’s gentleness and heart. But you are to be emperor. You must have a stern fist and conscious mind. You can’t act off on emotion. The good of the majority is your goal. Now that man will steal tomorrow.”

Alonso opened his mouth abut to retort but paused. Instead he lowered his head. “I was not thinking.”

“Your duty is to your country. The crown is a burden to bear but it is you’re burden. None of us asked for it. It was destine for us. Your people need you. Remember that.”

And with that his father left.

Alonso looked up at the flag then sighed.


Alonso was in a large room looking in the mirror.

The empress entered the room went over his shoulder and placed her chin on his shoulder. She looked at their reflection in the mirror.

“You’ve grown taller than me now,” she observed.

The queen was known as being a very tall woman.

“Yeah I guess I did…”

“Everything will soon be yours. The crown will be yours to bear.”

Alonso sighed. He walked away from the mirror. “I know. I’ve been getting that a lot lately.”

The empress frowned.

“You look troubled my son,” she folded her hands together.

“It’s nothing just…” It was hard for him to get it out.

He walked out into the garden. The same garden he and Carmelo built.

She followed.

“Yes?” she pressed.

He sat on the rail of the square fountain.

“Everyone expects me to be great don’t they?” He asked

“You are their future emperor.”

“God I didn’t expect this to happen so soon.” He ran his hands over his face.

“I’m papa’s disappointment aren’t I?” He asked.

Chelo touched his shoulder. “No. He loves you. You must understand that a lot of eyes are upon his majesty. And not all of them are kind. You are his lineage. He just hopes the best for you”

“Well, can you tell him not to hope so hard? Like papa said a one weak link can bring down a monarchy.”

“You’re not weak. You’re smart, kind, sensitive—“

“Yeah all the things he doesn’t like Just my luck.”

“I mean, he appointed Carmelo regent.” Alonso waved his hands. “Fuckin’ regent!”

The empress questioned her husband’s choice of appointing Carmelo regent too but said nothing. She had to respect his decision. He was emperor. She wanted to tell her son that but instead Chelo hugged him. “He knows you will do great in the future.”

“Yeah? I just don’t want to see the look on his face when I disappoint him.” Alonso said sadly.

Chelo frowned.


A week later there the emperor held a council meeting.

The members all waited until the emperor would arrive.

Alonso walked into the room.

“Hey player!”

He turned around to see Fabián leading on the wall.

“Hi,” he said flatly.

“I haven’t seen you since you were lip locking with that girl at you party last week.”


“And I also saw you two leaving together. I gotta say I never thought Sir Stutter would ever get with a girl.” He laughed. “So have you seen her since then?”

“Na’ll. Doesn’t matter it’s not like we were dating or anything.”

 “Good I can check that up.” Fabian said in a low voice. “What you been up to?”

Alonso sighed. “I’ve been busy.” He simply said.

Fabián noticed his friend expression.

“Hey man, are you alright?” He asked concern.

Before Alonso could reply the empress walked into the room.

She walked over to Alonso and started talking to him.

Fabián was enjoying the view he was getting.

“Hello your majesty,” Fabian moaned, drooling over the view of her exposed back.

“Fabián, how disrespectful to not be barefoot in the sight of your emperor,” she simply said not even bothering to turn around.

Fabián looked down and behold he was wearing sandals. He fumbled to quickly take them off.


 “The American market is growing as we speak.” The emperor announced. Everyone was seated and listening closely. “At this time America has great economic growth and widespread prosperity driven by government growth policies, a boom in construction, and the rapid growth of consumer goods such as automobiles.  They are at the peak of the market. For them they are living in the days where they want to spend everything. They are one of the wealthiest countries right now.  They can be of value to us.”

 “As you all know we have been spending the country letters back and forth about forming an alliance with their nation. I plan to make that alliance happen. We have decided that we will send an ambassador to unite the alliance with America. All we need now is an ambassador…”

Alonso paused, thinking. An idea came into his head.

One of the council members asked a question. The emperor started to answer it.

He bit his lip. Hesitantly, he looked around to see if anyone was about to volunteer. No one made any sudden moves. Alonso stood up and shouted, “I volunteer, sire!”

Everyone turned to the young prince.

The emperor turned around and looked at him.


“Papi, let me do. I want to be the one represent this country.” He breathed out. He was breathing hard now. He felt nervous.

“You want to be our ambassador?” Emperor Alejandro asked.

“Yes, sir.” He nodded. “Please allow me to… serve my country.”

He glared at him. He looked into his son’s brown eyes. He then smirked. “Alright.” He agreed. “Prince Alonso will be our ambassador.”

Chelo gasped.

Fabián yanked him down. “Man, what the fuck are you doing? That’s a whole another country!” He said between his teeth.

“I‘m proving myself to papi. He won’t see me as weak if I make this alliance happen.” Alonso whispered back.

“Alonso,” the emperor called out.

“Yes sire?” He shot back up.

“Plan to be leave in three days.”  He turned to the servants. “Please pack Prince Alonso things for his trip. He’ll be gone for four months.”

“Yes, sire.” They bowed before leaving the room.

The emperor looked back at his son.

Alonso took a deep breath in pride. His was right. He was going to do something right for once.


Three weeks later, Alonso was standing at the harbor, holding one of his bags. A big ship was sitting tall in the sea.

He took a deep breath. He was leaving. He turned around and looked at his home.

A hand then clapped on his shoulder. He turned around to see Carmelo.

“Hey bro. No hard feelings?” He extended his hand.

Alonso smiled and shook it.

“Of course not. We’re brothers, aren’t we?”

They hugged.

“You’ll be alright finishing the temple without me right, little bro?” Alonso asked as they pulled away.

Carmelo grinned. “Yeah, whatever man. You just try not to screw anything up in American.”

They then heard a throat clear. The younger prince moved aside for the empress.

Mama,” They hugged.

She placed a hand on his cheek. “I have no doubt you’ll represent us well my son.”

Alonso looked up at his father standing straight and tall. He approached him. He bowed.

“The Americans are very different from our customs. They do not expect someone of your appearance to have your statics. When someone addresses you always demanded for them to address you as sire nothing less. You are of royal blood remember that Alonso.”

“Yes.” He nodded.

“Do us well my son,” He touched Alonso on the shoulder.

“I will my lord.” Alonso assured.

“Now go.”

Alonso bowed then handed towards the boat.


Alonso turned around to see Fabián. He held up the bag on luggage in his hand and shrugged smiling.

Alonso laughed running towards him.

“Thanks man.”

They slapped hands.

“What are friends for if they don’t accompany you all the way to another country?”

The boarded the ship and it started to sail off.

Fabian stares off into the distance. “Well, so long Cuba.”

Suddenly some music started playing in the background.

 Well, I’ve got the Heebies

I mean the Jeebies

Talking about

the dance, the Hebbie Jeebies

Do, because they’re boys

Because it pleases me to be joy… 

“What’s this?” Fabian asked turning around to see the record player on the floor.

“It’s jazz music.” Alonso informed.

“Jazz?” He never once heard of this kind of music. It sounded strange to him.

“Yeah, it’s from America. New Orleans.”

“Oh, I get it you’re learning your pry. Who’s this singing?” Fabián asked.

“Oh, that’s Louis Armstrong. Heebie Jeebies.”

“It’s alright I guess. But what the heck is a heebie jeebie?”

“It’s just a saying… I think.”

Fabián nodded his head.

‘So you got a plan to make these America’s trust you?”

“I’ve been doing some resreach.”

“Oooh?” He jokily said surprised.

“Fuck you. But seriously I’ve been looking up America’s wealthy and stumbled on something. There’s a man that owns sugar mills and he has a daughter…” he paused for dramatic effect. ‘I’m going to woo and marry her to assure that the alliance happens. When the American present sees that I hooked up with one of his kind they will accept us.”

“Good plan. I have to admit, I’m actually impress. I personality wouldn’t tie myself down to anyone in the peak of my life, but hey, do your thing.”

“So does Mrs. Alonso have a name?” Fabián asked.

Alonso leaned on the side of the rail.

“Unlike you I remember a name.  It’s Ms. Charlotte La Bouff. I’ve been sending letters to the family and Mr. La Bouff said I’m welcome to visit.”

“La Bouff?” He said sounding impress.

“Yes, a real débutante. Eighteen.”

Fabián let out a low whistle.

“Player, player, player!” He hit Alonso on the arm. “You’re getting honeys you haven’t even met yet.”

“Yeah, I guess,” he scratched his nose.

They were quiet for a while, just listening to the jazz music. Fabián then ‘ohhed,’ remembering something.

“Say, where did his majesty say we were going?” He asked.

“Actually, he let me decide.” Alonso said proudly looking out onto the water.

Fabián’s jaw dropped. “Huh? Seriously? Well, that’s a first for em.” He took off his glasses and cleaned them with his handkerchief.

Fabián hoped onto the rail. “What’s the location? New York? DC?”

“Nope,” Alonso said stretching his arms up.  “It’s New Orleans.”



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