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P&TFR: Chapter 2
Brandy  Monica
Title: Princess & the Frog rewrite
Chapter: 2
Rated: M, for language
Disclaimer: Walt Disney
Summary: Disney’s Princess and the Frog but rewritten. Think of it as the black version. This is the story if Tiana wasn’t turned into a frog and the prince was black.
Author’s note: I happen to be a fan of the hit show A Different World. Now I know it’s old but I’m an old fashion girl. It was created a year before I was born but I looove this show. Love. This. Show. So expect to fine familiar things playing out. No, Georgia is not the same character that Tiana knew at the café. I thought her design wasn’t that pretty looking. My Georgia is actually the character walking down the street in pink with a hat. She also is shown watching Naveen dance and play his music before he’s turn into a frog.

Chapter 2: Down in New Orleans
January, 1927
The sun rises creating a shower over the south land of New Orleans. The LaBelle’s household springing its light into the quiet kitchen windows.
A young woman lifted the kettle of hot water off the stove, with the help of the rag, of course, and carefully set it on the well set table.
Tiana grew up to be a beautiful young woman that the sun itself, which has seen so much, was astonished whenever it shone in her face.
She hmmed to herself as she quietly fixed the table setting, making sure it was perfect that not even a spoon seemed out of place. The smell of breakfast filled the house and soon would draw in the other family members into the kitchen to see what the glorious scent is.

A tall skinny man walked in, yawing scratching his stomach.

Tiana looked up and smiled. “Hey D—”

She blinked as he lazily walked passed her. Request

He opened the icebox.

“Well good mornin’ to you too.” Tiana sarcastically said.

“What’s this? We aint got no more orange juice?” Dwayne said expecting the picture that barely had orange juice in it.

Tiana rolled her eyes. “There’s some on the table Sherlock.”

He put the empty. He smacked her on the back of his head as he passed.


He said nothing as he poured himself a glass of orange juice at the table.

Tiana started to rumble around in the corner; fixing herself some coffee.

 “Mm-hmm something smells good!” Exclaimed a redbone woman as she walked in fully dressed.

“Mornin’ Georgia.”

“Good morning Tee Tee.” She happily greeted.

Georgia Bonet was soon to be Mrs. LaBelle. She was what they called gens de couleur libre woman.  Her daddy, Mr. Bonet, was a wealthy merchant in selling cars. Dwayne had been working for five years to get the money to pay for an apartment for his fiancé and was just now ready. The wedding would be in two months. There was a lot of family drama with the wedding though. You see Dwayne and Georgia known each other for a long time. They were secretly dating in high school and then Georgia soon got pregnant at the age of sixteen. As you can guess Mr. Bonet always had a grudge against Dwayne and for “ruining the Bonet family line with his Nergoness.”

 “Morning soon to be Mrs. LaBelle.”Dwayne said wrapping his arms around her waist and they kissed. A short and sweet one.

Tiana paused from putting cream into her cup and gagged at the engaged couple. “You two make me so sick.”                                                      

Just then a little girl skipped in with a piece of paper in her hands behind the couple.

“Keep talkin’ now Tee Tee but someday you’ll know what’s it’s like to be bitten by the love bug.” Georgia said still hugging her fiancé.

Denise cocked her head to the side. “Bugs?”

They turned around. Dwayne’s eyes lighten up at her presence.

 “Yeah, they creep into your bed room turn over the sheets then bit you.” He said, swooping her up in his arms and tickling the little girl.

“Nooo daddy stop!” the little girl giggled.

“Morning precious.” He kissed her forehead.

Georgia turned to Tiana noticing how fully clothed she was.  “You aint off to work this early are you?” She asked stirring her cup .

“Well yes and no I just got a new job a week ago.”

“Another job?”

They all turned to an elderly woman in her night gown. “Honey, you’re gonna go go go until you pass out!” She said tiding her robe.

Tiana sighed. “Hey mama. Don’t ya’ll worry bout me.”

“She’s got a point Tiana. How many jobs you have now? Five? Twenty?” Dwayne asked.

Tiana made a face. “Don’t over exaggerate.” She put her hand on her hip.  “Really now ya’ll, it’s just a part-time job at Maple Harbor.”

“The jazz club?” Georgia asked.


“Aint that the place where you gotta sing too?”

“Yes, Dwayne.”

“With the alcohol?”


Dwayne grinned. “Ohhh shucky shucky now! How bout we visit ya some time and hear that daring voice of yours.” He said rubbing his hands together.

“Ohhh no,” Tiana started.

“C’mom!” He cried.

 “Tee tee, pleeeeaaaase?”

 “No the last time ya’ll came over I almost got fired.” She rejected, waving her arms.

“Hey, are we going to stay on that forever!? How was I supposed to know that guy wasn’t a coat check?”He cried.

“He was a mob boss!”

“You did almost get us killed Dwayne.” Georgia injected.

“Well at least you might have some fun working there sweetheart.” Eudora said sitting down at the table before digging into her plate of food.

Tiana frowned. “What’s that suppose to mean?”

Before Eudora could reply Dwayne happily chipped in, “You’re a stick in mud.”

“I am not!” she clamored.

“Here, come get something to eat before you head to school.” Georgia said at the table with Eudora. Denise went over to the table and sat down.

Denise frowned at her plate.

Dwayne sat down next to her and stared at his plate too.

“What the hell is this?”

“It’s blueberry Breakfast Crepes. Try it you’re like it.” Tiana insisted.

“Daddy why can’t we have a normal breakfast?” Denise moaned.

“Not Denise—” Tina started to scowl.

“Yeah, Tiana why not the good old fashion bacon and eggs?” Dwayne interrupted.

“What’s wrong with my food?” She cried.

“I just want some simple eggs once in a while.”

“Those are eggs.”She snapped.

“Where? Next to the green stuff that looks like throw up?”

Dwayne’s ignorance was really getting on her nerves. “That’s artichoke you, fool!”

“It’s what all the stars eat in Paris!”

“Well, this food needs to stay in Paris.” Dwayne said picking up the fork and looking at the green stuff.

Tiana huffed.

“Oh hush you two!” Georgia waved off as she sat down. “This is nice. Ya’ll should appreciate the meal made by aunt Tiana.”

“Mmm-hmm.” Tina nodded folding her arms.

Dwayne picked Denise up and sat her on his lap. “I’m just saying that it would be nice to have a normal meal once in a while not booshie gourmand food.”

“Stop it. Tiana has put a lot in cooking this meal.”

“Thant’s right.” Tina nodded.

Dwayne made a face. “Of course you’ll like it, Ms. Thang.”

Denise started to giggle.

“What!” Georgia squealed. “I can’t believe you just said that to me…”

Georgia then went on into an overdramatic whine.

Dwayne got up from his seat, setting Denise in the chair next to I’m as he did so, and walked over to his fiancé.

“I’m just kidding. Relax.”

“You know how I’m sensitive to being call that Dwayne!”

“I know. I’m sorry.” He kissed her on her forehead.

“Daddy can I have pancakes instead?”

“Ur…” Dwayne chewed his lip and looked at his sister.

“I’m not cooking again.” She said.

He looked at Georgia, who was happily eating her food. She caught Dwayne’s eye and shock her head.

He turned to Denise.

“Eat your food baby.”

Denise sighed.

Tiana left out the room then returned in a long green coat and purse.

“Well, I’m going to work.” She bended down and kissed Denise on the cheek. She turned around.

“Have a good day.” Eudora said.

“Wait!” The little girl put her fork down and hopped out of her seat. She tugged on Tiana’s coat. “Aunty Tiana you’ll be back soon today so you can take me to the show!”

“Ohhh, oh honey I forgot!” Tiana said scrambled slapping her hand to her forehead. “I have to work late today and then I have my other job at the night club.”

Her face frowned. “Wha—B-b-but you said—”

“I know, I know.” She shook her head in frustration. “I just… I forgot I was working when I told you that.”

Denise looked heartbroken. A peg of guilt sired up in Tiana’s chest.  She bent down.

“Say what. I’ll do you one better, how bout I take you to Charlotte La Bouff masquerade ball tomorrow?” She suggested giving her a smile.

The little girl head snapped up looking at her aunt. “Really?”

“Is that okay with you y’all?” Tiana asked looking up at Denise’s parents.

Georgia and Dwayne eyed each other.

“Yeah.” Dwayne nodded.

“Sure,” Georgia shrugged.

Tiana smiled looking back at the little girl. “Okay. It’ll be fun.”

“You promise?” Denise asked still unsure.

“Of course I promise.” She nodded raising her pinky.

Denise stared at her for a while, until she formed a tiny smile then clicked her pinky to Tiana’s and they shook.


“I’ll see ya’ll later.”

Tiana pecked her niece on the cheek once last time before standing up.

Tiana said her goodbyes to everyone before she left the room.

Everyone went back to eating and doing their own thing but Georgia. She hastily looked over to the door then sighed. 

“Brush your teeth and get your stuff for school, it’s getting late.” She said to her daughter before turning around and following her outside.

 “Tiana!” She called out opening the screen door.

She paused and turned around. “Yes?”

“Tiana please don’t forget that child.” Georgia said seriously, walking down the steps.

“I’m not—”

“I’m just saying cause’ you have a habit of doing this. You make promises that you can’t keep and we end up suffering cause of it.”

Tiana bit her lip. She did in fact break a few promises time to time, but it wasn’t like she was out partying or something. She was just… busy with work. That was a very justified reasoning for breaking promises, right?

“I-I’m sorry Georgia. They were hiring and I just forgot.”

Georgia looked at her darkly.

“I’ll take her. I will.” Tiana swore stepping back a few steps.

Georgia really, really wanted to believe her sister-in-law to be.

She sighed. She had no choice but to take her word for it. “You just bet not forget about our wedding.”

“I could never forget about my big brother’s wedding.” Tiana said dully. Tiana felt kind of insulted that Georgia would think of such a thing. Okay she broke promises sometimes but it was never that big! Geesh, she could give a girl some credit.

 Tiana then left, running to the bus stop and hopping in the vehicle right before the streetcar left. Tiana sat down in the same seat she always sat in and pulled out her the new issue of Ladies’ International Cookery magazine she grabbed from the porch along with the other mail that morning and happily read it as the streetcar, A113, took her to her destination.


A cruise ship sails across the waters. The door open from the ship’s cabin room and the Rosarian prince came out onto the deck. He stretched then went to the edge of the balcony and looked out. Alonso took in the beautiful sunrise’s shine reflecting off the water. From the distance he could see the lights of the city peeking out from the fog. He beamed.

“Hey. Fabián!  Get up here.” He called out.


 “Just come here.”

Fabian lazily joined Alonso on the balcony. “What’s up?”

“Look. We’re here.”

Fabian rubbed his eyes.

“Hmm, your city of paradise?” he leaned on the rail looking out to the orange sun rise.


The smell of freshly brewed coffee, along with the sweet odor of maple syrup being poured onto hot fluffy pancakes, and steaming sausages flooded all around the diner. Tiana loved it. The Duke’s Diner was very busy in the mornings. People coming in and out. Passing plates and setting them down on tables. She really had her work cut out for her when an certain somebody didn’t show till late.

Finally the door open, ringing the little bell and a yellow-bone woman rushed in.

“Oh so you finally decided to come to work today?” Tiana asked still waiting tables.

“I was answering a phone call.” She said taking off her coat and hanging it on the rack next to Tiana’s.

“Ooooh on the phone! Why isn’t that a surprise?” She sarcastically said in surprise giving table three they’re order.

“C’mon it was a serious phone call.” Michelle pouted, fixing her collar.  “From my cousin in New York.”

“Or her boyfriend from Lakewood.” another waitress injected.

Michelle waved it off. “Oh hush.”

“Well whoever be callin’ you in the mornings better take a message. You keep showin’ up late like this again and you’re gonna get yoself fired, girl.” Tiana said.

“Yeah yeah whatever.” She heard that line too many times to count. They went back to work going on their daily work.

By ten O’ clock, Tiana served up to fifteen customers so far today. She always thought of it as a contest that she had to win. She wasn’t trying being a show off but she wanted to see how many folks she could serve to. Besides she could use the extra tips.

A man walked in Keri, an early white woman, was just about to cater to him until Tiana jumped up nearly knocking the poor woman over.

“Hey how is your day sir!” she yelled out.

“Um, fine.”The man said nervously.

“Would that be a table for one?” She asked quickly.

“Two. I’m meeting someone.” He said.

“Okay. Come along sir.”

“Tiana I was about to wait him.” The other waitress said angrily.

“Well, you shouldn’t be so slow.” Tiana said coolly writing in his order.

“Don’t you got enough tables as it is?” Tiana passed her went over to the counter, tore the slip of paper out the notebook and placed it on the counter.

“Order at table six!” She called out to Burford.  She then turned around to look at

 “I can manage.” Tiana said simply.

Keri huffed and walked away to clean an empty table.

Tiana smirked.


After a while the ship finally arrived at the docks. Fabian and Alonso walked down the stairs to the city’s ground.

“Why do we have to wear this getup again?” Fabian asked tucking at his collar, uncomfortably.

“Stop that.” Alonso stopped him and he started to loosen Fabian’s tie before he ripped it off himself. “Hey we’re trying to fit in. This is what gentlemen wear around here. I can’t make a good impression on these people by being completely Rosarian.” He patted his shoulder.  “Besides the suit is sharp.”

Just then felt a camera flash, further more camera flashing and cheering. They turned to a crowd of local reporters and cartoonists.


“Prince Alonso!”

“We have so many questions to ask you?”

Alonso opened his mouth but was surprise when the newsmen went to Fabian instead.

For the looks of it Fabian was just as surprise as he was.

“Is it true that you have your eyes on the sugar barren’s daughter?”


“Is this your first time in the States?” A white man asked.

“Hold on a minute now, I’m not—“

“What will your father provide for the U.S. if this unit is made—”

—He raised his hands up. “Whoa hold on guys. If you have any questions about royalty and should ask this man right here.” Fabian informed, putting an arm around the prince’s shoulder, smiling.

The newsmen and photographers blinked.

“I’m not the prince. He is.”

They’re eyes widen.

The newsman sorted.

“Ha, ha. You’re kidding right?”

Alonso and Fabian eyed each other. Fabian looked back at the newsman. And let out a laugh. “No seriously. This guy’s the man in charge. I’m just a servant. Though I’m flattered you’d think I look of royalty status.”

Alonso wet his lips.

“I’m Alonso Estéban Morenos the prince and heir to the throne of San Rosario.” He looked at his friend and smiled.  “This is my main man, Fabián Rivera. Ladies watch out for this one.”

He looked around, took a deep breath then put those ten years of dialect to use. “Wow first I just wanna say thank you for all of this.” He smiled at the banners that read Welcome Prince Alonso. “For you to be so familiar and welcoming to an outsider like myself is truly… touching. Thank you. Write this down.” He spoke directly to the other news parer man as he started to scribble in his notebook.  “Yes I am interested in Mr. La Bouff’s daughter. Excuse me for my accent.” He re readjusted his hat. “No, I have not met the La Bouffs before but I’m eager to meet Ms. Charlotte La Bouff and her father. I hope to have a pleasant time here in America and that I represent my country to its greatness.”

“The ambassador and prince of San Rosario is apparently a Negro.” The newsman said writing into his notebook.

The camera men snapped a few more pictures in traced by the dark complexion of royalty.


The spatula hit the little bell sending a dinging nose. 
“Order up!” Burford yelled setting down the finished pancakes.
Michelle quickly got them along with a glass of orange juice and sends the plate to table four.
“Another coffee here, chére.” A man said holding up his mug as Tiana zipped from table to table. 
“Comin' right up, Virgil.” She poured him a cup. 
“Hey, Tiana!” she turned and saw her friends at a table. She smiled and walked over to them.
“Morning, Giorgia.”
“Whassup girl.” Yasmine said.
“Hey y'all!” she said.
 “Tiana I want you to meet my little cousin from Kentucky, Leon.”
“Hi, how are you doin', Tiana?” he said in a soft voice.
“Oh, hi. I’m good.”
“Yeah he’s staying with us for a while.” Yasmine said.
Georgia cut to the chase. “We all goin' out dancin' tonight. Care to join us?”
“Yeah, c'mon, Tiana, you could use a little hand. It's Mardi Gras.”
“You can dance with me.” Leon offered. Yasmine smirked at her cousin’s forwardness. She looked at him. He was a skinny man with dark brown hair. He was wearing a blue vest. 
“You know I got two left feet. Besides I'm gonna...”
“You need a napkin, sweetheart?”
“I'm gonna work a double shift tonight—Here you are your hotcakes. You know, so I-I—“
“So you can save for your restaurant.” Giorgia said annoyed. I know, I know.
Girl! All you ever do is work!
The bell dinged.
“Order up!” 
Tiana turned to the chef tossing a plate on the counter. She turned back to the table of friends. All with hopeful eyes. Waiting for her answer. “Maybe next time.” 
As she turned and walked over to the counter she could hear Girogia saying angrily.
“I told y'all she wouldn't come.”
“’You can dance with me’?” Yasmine restated raising an eyebrow at Leon. “I never known you to be so forward.”
“I never expected her to be that attractive.” Leon admitted, adjusting his tie. “Too bad she’s workin’.”
“That girl’s always workin’. Don’t worry though, this isn’t over.” Giorgia said getting up.
They all left the restaurant together.
Leon gave on last look at the pretty waitress talking to the chef before following them outside.
“Were you talkin’ 'bout that dang restaurant again?” Buford asked annoyed.
She rolled her eyes. 
“Buford, your eggs are burnin’.” Tiana informed. They had this conversation many times before.
“You ain't never gonna get enough for the down payment.” He said taking the eggs off the stove with the spatula to a plate.
“I'm gettin' close.” She said pouring coffee into a mug.
“Yeah. How close?”
She paused. “Wha-Where are my flapjacks?” She angry changed the subject, slamming the picture on the counter as she said so.
His eyes sparkled. “Hah, hah! You got about as much chance of gettin' that restaurant as I do of winnin' the Kentucky Derby.” He said piling plates of food on her trays.
She groaned and walked away.
“Saddle me up, y'all. It’s post time. Giddyup. Giddyup.” He laughed mimicking a trumpet nose.

He didn’t believe in her, well the hell with him. The hell with all of them.


Charlotte La Bouff twirled around in the mirror one last time, making sure her outfit was prefect and not a string of hair was out of place. She patted her curls a couple of time before smiling at her reflection. Prefect! No wait, she went back to her dresser and put on a little tiny bit more red lipstick. She walked over to the mirror again. Okay now its prefect. She prided herself on looking presentable. Especially since today was a special day. It would be a crime for her to not try to look really presentable.

“Ms.?” The maid called out and handed the debutante her scarf.

“Oh yeah.” She wrapped a feathery, pink scarf over her and walked outside towards the gate. She saw the old security guard standing there as usual.

He tipped his hat. “Good morning Ms. Charlotte.” He smiled.

“Mornin’ Charles.” She said walking up towards him.

“You lookin’ radiant as ever this mornin’.”

She waved her hand, blushing. “Oh stop!... I didn’t mean really.”

Just then the car pulled up to the gate and her daddy, the richest man of Louisiana sat in the back. He smiled when he saw her.

“Hey daddy!” She waved. The chauffeur got out of the car. He opened the back seat door for Charlotte as Big Daddy said, “Hey sugar poo.”

She blushed. “Daddy! I aint a little kid anymore!” She stomped her foot before claiming into the back. The driver shut the door behind her went back in the divers seat and pulled off.

 “I can’t wait for the masquerade ball tomorrow night.”

“You should be. How does it feel to know in just fifteen hours you will be a woman?”

“I feel great!” She cheerfully said. “Say, Daddy since I’ll be a woman and all can I have wine at my party tomorrow tonight. It would make me happy.” She said sweetly.

He smirked. “Hmm, Maybe.” He said scratching his bread.

“Sooo what’s the surprise?” She suddenly asked.

He dug his face in the newspaper. “You know I shouldn’t give it to you till the party.”

Charlotte pulled the paper down from his face. “Please daddy. You said you had a surprise for me since December. I can’t any longer! What is it?”

“Hmmm, did you read this morning’s paper?” He asked mischievously with a small smirk on his face.

Charlotte scuffed annoyed. “Daddy, stop tryin’ to change the subject.”

“It’s really interesting.” He insisted.

“C’mon…” She rolled her eyes.

 “Seriously? I think it’s something you’d like to see.”

He pulled the paper out and wet his thumb and flipped a few pages. He handed it to her.

She blew a string of hair out her face and took the paper uninterested. She read it then her eyes widen.


“Is this true. Are you serious?”


“Ohmigosh! You’re the best daddy ever!” She hugged him. “I love you. I love you. I love you.” She repeated pecking him on the check.

He laughed.

”When am I gonna meet him? Are we going to meet him now?” She opened her makeup cage up and looked at herself.

“No not now. He just arrived so he’ll probably need time to settle fist. We’ll met him tonight.”

She felt all giddy inside. Was this seriously happening? She then paused. “STOOOPPP!”

The driver stopped abruptly. “I have to get really. I can’t meet some exotic Cuban prince lookin like some plain Jane American girl! I need to get my hair done.”

The car parked in front of a hair salon. She bounced in. not even giving the driver a chance to open the door for her.

Mr. La Bouff smiled. “That’s my girl.”

“Ugh, don’t you think you spoil her Mr. La Bouff?” the chauff asked.

He blinked and looked at the man, smiling. “Isn’t that what fathers are for?”

“—Daddy come on! We only got a few hours to get ready and I need a dress.”

He walked in. “I’m comin’ I’m comin’.”

She was already in a chair looking through a magazine. The hairdresser greeted him.


Alonso and Fabian finally were able to get away from the press.

 “Hey brothers.” There was a man in a pachuco suit. “Nice suit.”

 “Huh? Us.”

“yeah come here.”

The two friends walked over to the man.

“Hey my name is Mario.” He smiled.

“I’m Alonso and he’s Fabian.”

“”You two aint from here are ya?”

“No. We’re from San Rosario.” Fabian said.

“Yeah? My mother’s from Guatemala. She was a nice great woman.” He sighed.

“I’m sorry for your lost.”

“Sorry for what? She called me a bum and kicked me out the house without a penny in my pocket. Some mom right?”


“We need to stick together. We’re like brothers, you feel me?”


“Can I barrow five dollars?”

“Sure.” Alonso went into his jacket and pulled out the American money he traded. He gave him five dollars.

“How bout a twenty?”


Alonso gave him the money. Fabian pulled him to the side. “Should you be doing that?’ Fabian asked him. “Fabian, didn’t you hear? His mom kicked him out.”

Fabian gave him a look. “He looks like he’s thirty in a designer suit.” He scuffed.

Alonso was too nice for his own good.

“We’re supposed to be giving the Americans a good impression aren’t we? Relax.”

 “Say since you guys are so cool why don’t ya’ll go to a hot spot.”

“What hot spot?”

“The funeral.”

“Um, what’s so hot about a funeral?”

 “Trust me. Just go in and say you’re here for grandmother’s funeral. But remember it’s a secret so don’t be blabbering your mouth to everyone especially the cops.”


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